5 Rear Entry Sexual Positions

Rear entry sex, also known as 'Doggie Style', is a preferred sexual position for couples that desire deep penetration; use these 5 rear entry sexual positions to mix things up and keep things fresh in the bedroom. In the rear entry position, the female is turned facing away from you which allows you to bend her over, and position her body in a way that opens her up for deeper, more intense penetration. Surprise your partner this weekend by trying any (or all) of these 5 rear entry sexual positions.

Things you'll need for these 5 rear entry sexual positions:

  • Bed
  • Chair without arms
  • Wall
  1. Rear entry with chair. For this technique, you will sit in a chair that has no arms. To really spice things up, try performing this sexual position in front of a mirror.  Have your partner straddle you, with her back facing you. In this rear entry position, you can stimulate her clitoris and her breasts as she controls the tempo. When things get really heated, you can bend her forward to get intense penetration (and a great view).
  2. Rear entry with wall. Have your partner stand in front of you and bend over. She can brace herself against a wall, which will give you additional leverage.  Holding her by the hips, enter her from behind. She can either allow you to completely dominate her in this position, or she can use the wall to push back against you as you thrust. This is one of the rear entry sexual positions that will open her up for deep penetration, and will help to stimulate her g-spot.
  3. Lazy rear entry.  Sometimes a lazy day in bed can turn into something truly exotic. The next time you and your partner are laying in bed, approach her with this effortless rear entry position. Begin by laying beside her, with her back pressed up against your front. In this position, you can easily enter her and begin to caress her breasts or massage her clitoris as you do so. If she leans slightly forward, you'll also gain access to her G spot  and get a deeper penetration.
  4. Standard rear entry. As you are positioned on your knees, your partner will get in front of you and get on all fours. This is the original "doggie" position, and it is the ultimate in penetration. Aside from the rear entry using the wall, this is one of the most intense rear entry sexual positions. As you enter her from behind, try pushing together and separating her ass. Every time you do this, it will change the sensation just a bit, making the tension tighter, then looser. In this position, you can easily stimulate her clitoris to give her multiple orgasms.
  5.  Reverse cowgirl. The reverse cowgirl is a rear entry sexual position that you've seen in porno movies, but you may have been too intimidated to try yourself.  Once you try it, though, it will become one of your favorite positions. All you'll need to do is lay flat on your back and have your partner straddle you, as she faces in the opposite direction. This is another awesome technique to do in front of a mirror!  In this position, she can do all the work and you can lay back and relax, while rubbing her ass, back and legs. She can return the favor by massaging your testicles as she rides on top of you.
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