5 Reasons To Date A Flute Player

If you haven't already convinced yourself to date a flute player, you should check out these 5 reasons to date a flute player. You might be having some reservations about dating a "band geek," but flute players have many unique qualities that make them hot. Here are five reasons to date a flute player:

  1. Her mouth doesn't get tired. One reason to date a flute player is that they are like an endurance athlete with their mouths. Flute players must have significant skill using their mouths to achieve just the right note. Flute players practice for hours at a time.
  2. She can use her hands and her mouth. One of the best reasons to date a flute player is their ability to multitask. Flute players have to use their hands and mouths simultaneously to make music. This is impressive in itself, but it could also benefit you. Use your imagination.
  3. She can focus. Another reason to date a flute player is her ability to focus. Concentration is important in nearly all aspects of a relationship. Concentration is important for talking, listening and sex.
  4. She has a hobby. If your girlfriend is playing the flute, you know where she is. You don't have to get jealous or worried about her. Plus, this means she will let you have time for your hobbies, too.
  5. She can put her hand in multiple positions. Another reason to date a flute player is that her hands are like hummingbirds. The flute is a delicate instrument. Each hand position requires a precise and delicate movement.
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