5 Reasons To Not Get A Male Groin Tattoo

Ok, so you're thinking about adding some ink to your lower pelvic area in the form of a tattoo, but you'd better be aware of these 5 reasons not to get a male groin tattoo. It might look fine with your flat belly at twenty, but what's it going to look like as you age? Also, have you considered the effort to upkeep and manscape the area?

  1. The top reason not to get a male groin tattoo is the pain. Ouch! Since the male groin is located directly over bone, you're in a for a painful tattoo experience. Sure, the pain will fade, but is it really worth it?
  2. Most men develop a beer gut at some time, and a male groin tattoo will only emphasize how you've let yourself go. Rather than having that taut ink snake you plastered on your groin area at twenty, you might end up with a tattoo that resembles a sagging garden hose when you're 40.
  3. Who is really going to appreciate a male groin tattoo? Really, how long can you stand in the mirror to admire your crotch? Since your shorts will normally cover your male groin tattoo, what's the point? If you're really into graphic tattoo art, why not place it somewhere where you, at least, can see it?
  4. Having a tattoo in your pelvic reason means that you'll need to shave to keep your personal ink visible. Shaving the pubic area can lead to nasty razor bumps and takes a lot of work to upkeep. Additionally, not all women like a cleanly shaved groin area.
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