5 Reasons Not To Get A Tattoo

Before you get it and regret it, learn about 5 reasons not to get a tattoo. Whether you are weighing the pros and cons of "getting ink," or you are just trying to talk someone you know out of making a bad decision, check out the following cons. Here are five reasons not to get a tattoo:

  1. You will get older someday. Your mom probably told you that you would regret getting a tattoo when you turn 60 are you are wrinkly. "Older" doesn't have to mean that old. If you get a tattoo the day you turn eighteen, whatever you get is probably not going to mean the same thing to you when you are 25 or 35. Trends in high school tattooed on your body when you are out of high school or college start to look silly.
  2. Your tattoo will get older someday. You will have to have your tattoo retouched. The sun, the environment, skin products all fade your tattoo. After a few years, you will have to go through the procedure all over again.
  3. Not everyone thinks tattoos are cool. Depending on where you get your tattoo (and the design of the tattoo), someone might not want to give you a job. This may or may not be an issue for you in your profession.
  4. Some people are allergic to the ink. Tattoo ink is thought to be generally safe. If, however, you have a compromised immune system, getting a tattoo might not be the best idea. People who have allergies can have adverse reactions to tattoo ink.
  5. Your life will change. If you get someone's name tattooed on your neck, how are you going to meet someone else if you break up with that person? What about if you get the ever-so-popular "skull and bones" across your chest? How will you explain that to your grandchildren?
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