5 Reasons You Should Watch Hockey

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What do you get when you combine break-neck speed, intensity, and then add ice to the mix? Well, you'll have a few of the five reasons why you should watch hockey! It's a game of skill, one which some people consider the only major 'refined' sport. The game is fast action-filled. It’s aggressive, yet requires expertise. And it’s original. Could you really ask anything more from a sport? Here are five reasons you should watch:


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Hockey's insanely paced. When you’ve got players that are skating at speeds of 30 mph, while simultaneously hitting a teensy puck and trying for a goal, the speed of the game is fast. Blink and you might miss the most important shot of the match, which adds tension to the hockey watching experience.



Professional players who are skilled (and not hard on the eyes).  Hockey players have trained since they were very young. The amount of dedication involved in getting up at 4 a.m. for training, recovering from injury, and honing skills is unsurpassed in any other sport. Hockey players are also famed for making the ladies swoon and the gents want to buy them a pint. All-around good guys.


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The Playoffs. You don’t have to be a hockey fanatic to enjoy watching the playoffs. They actually matter, which isn’t true of all sports. The intensity of watching hockey playoffs is (maybe) only akin to the Super Bowl. Maybe. Go ahead and try to sit quietly through the Playoffs, and keep yourself distanced. You’ll find it tough. And hockey has ‘hat tricks,’ too.


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The fights that always seem to start with the goalie. You know that dramatic moment, when one person mutters something to the goalie, and the gloves come off? Then, showing solidarity, the rest of the team gets involved. It’s a fight on ice skates that inevitably involves someone taking out the goal. And it’s intense.


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The Stanley Cup. So you're asking yourself, why would the Stanley Cup possibly be a good reason to watch hockey? Again, unique to hockey, the cup has legends attached. First, it’s growth spurt. It went from seven originally, to its now 35 inches. It’s been to combat. It’s been urinated in and used for baptizing children. It is just as cool as the sport.

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