5 Reggae Bands Like Sublime

If you seek out 5 reggae bands like Sublime, you are sure to find a genre-bending mash of cross-cultural musical styles. Sublime was one of the most popular bands in the 1990s ska punk movement, but their style also incorporated elements of dub, dancehall, and reggae. Anyone wishing to more fully explore reggae fusion will want to check out this list of five reggae bands like Sublime.

  1. Steel Pulse – One of Britain's greatest reggae bands, Steel Pulse's 1978 debut, Handsworth Revolution, is regarded as a pinnacle of British reggae. They began with a roots sound mixed with jazz and Latin influences, and later crossed-over into a modern blend of reggae fusion. The band has since returned to a tougher more rootsy sound with touches of dancehall and hip-hop.
  2. Shaggy – Born Orville Richard Burrell in Kingston, Jamaica, Shaggy has established a career with great success in his unique blend of dancehall reggae crossover. Shaggy's eclectic tastes lend his recordings a musical variety lacking in most dancehall music. Some reggae bands like Sublime may not share their ska or punk rock roots, but much like Shaggy, they certainly share cross-over appeal and heavy reggae fusion sensibilities.
  3. The Expendables – The Expendables are a ska-influenced rock band from Santa Cruz, California. Their music is diverse, blending reggae, ska, surf and punk rock. They are on the Stoopid Records label and have released five albums to date. In 2009 they toured with 311. Of reggae bands like Sublime, The Expendables share California roots and heavy ska and punk influences
  4. PEPPER – Originally from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, PEPPER delivers a mix of reggae, dub and rock musical influences. The band has sold over 500,000 records independently. They even started their own record label, LAW Records. 2010 saw PEPPER on the road at 311’s annual summer Unity Tour, with 311 and The Offspring! Any exploration of reggae bands like Sublime should begin with a taste of PEPPER.
  5. Dread Zeppelin – Dread Zeppelin are best known for performing the songs of Led Zeppelin in a reggae style. The band fully embraces their kitsch with a 300 pound Elvis impersonator as lead singer. Their musical talents and fusion of rock and reggae should not be overlooked. Dread Zeppelin's "Zeppelin-inna-reggae-style" definitely qualifies them to be listed among five reggae bands like Sublime.
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