5 Related Careers For Culinary Chefs

Here are 5 related careers for culinary chefs. There are many related careers for culinary chefs besides cooking in a restaurant. There are many different places that uses chefs like supermarkets, hotels, resorts, cruise  lines, companies, caterers, and nursing homes.  Chefs today are not limited to the local restaurants but can choose many different settings to work. These places appreciate their talent and skill. 

  1. Deli Cook and Manager.  A supermarket that has a large deli needs a qualified chef to devise recipes and cook them for the customers.  Healthy takeout food for office workers that eat lunch and dinner is a profitable market for supermarkets to tap into.  A chef can make a big difference in the bottom line. Some supermarkets have pizza and small restaurants depending on size and location. This is place to apply their talents.
  2. Personal Chef is a chef that cooks for clients in their home or delivers food from a menu.  Often personal chefs come into the home and cook the meal then clean up.  There is a demand for healthy food and cooking among clients that have money to hire a personal chef. Personal chefs work for one to several clients.
  3. Chefs can be teachers that teach cooking in culinary schools where they first learned the basic skills to begin their career.  The schools they can teach at are community colleges, four year colleges or culinary schools. Qualified chefs lend a high degree of credibility to cooking schools that offer programs to students.
  4. Nursing Home or Assisted Living Chef is another area chefs can find jobs.  With the many assisted living centers and nursing homes for the elderly chefs are needed to prepare meals for the elderly populations with different medical needs and diets. Some faculties have large volume kitchens other are less demanding depending on the region and size. Jobs for this type of position are found around the United States.
  5. Product development and marketing are another area chef might be able to find employment. Food companies are always developing new products so they need talented chefs to develop recipes and promote their products. Chefs can design recipes and do marketing and sales. Food vendors that represent many vendors may use chef to do this type of work for multiple vendors.
  6. Chefs can find jobs in resorts, hotels, and cruise lines that cater to the travel industry. There are many exciting opportunities when chefs explore this area.
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