5 Reproductive Health Care Tips

It's important to take care of your reproductive health, and a good place to start is these 5 reproductive health care tips. Keeping your reproductive system healthy is critical for sexual health and fertility, as well as for your overall well-being. Read on for 5 reproductive health care tips.

  1. Get screened for HIV and other sexually transmitted disease. You may not think you are at risk for contracting the HIV virus. But if you have multiple sexual partners, it's important to get tested. You are at even higher risk if you have ever had sex with men or used injection drugs, or if you have already had a sexually transmitted disease. Staying infection free is important for your reproductive health.
  2. Don't ignore your prostate. It's important to get tested for prostate cancer as recommended by your doctor. This disease may not show symptoms in its early stages, when it is easier to treat. This is the most common cancer in men, but is usually not fatal if treated in time.
  3. Discuss erectile concerns with your doctor. If you're having difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, he or she can help. This condition may be embarrassing but it's usually treatable. And since it can be a sign of a greater health problem, it's important to have it looked at.
  4. Take care of your testicles. Wear protective gear if you play sports. Even a minor injury to this area can cause severe pain. You should also perform regular testicle self-exams to protect against testicular cancer. If you notice anything unusual, tell your doctor.
  5. Be aware of workplace hazards. Exposure to chemicals and radiation in the workplace can harm your reproductive health. These problems can range from cancer to infertility. Talk to your doctor and supervisor about ways to protect yourself.
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