5 Restaurants In Hampton, VA That Serve Crab Legs

Crab leg lovers will be happy to know about 5 restaurants in Hampton, VA, that serve crab legs. Crab legs are simply fabulous and can be prepared in different ways. They are perfect for eating in the summer or even all year round. The restaurants listed below are all located in the beautiful city of Hampton, VA, and are listed in no particular order.

  1. Joe's Crab Shack This restaurant has a wonderfully casual atmosphere and is a great place for friends and family members to gather. It is a seafood lover's paradise and boasts on its menu that crab is what they do best.  1974 Power Plant Parkwayy, , Hampton, VA. (757) 262-1560
  2. Captain George's Seafood Restaurant  This is the place to go for seafood lovers who love buffets. This restaurant serves a whopping one million crab legs each year. 2710 West Mercury Boulevard, Hampton, VA (757) 818-9418
  3. Hooters Another casual restaurant serving crab legs is Hooters. Yes, the crab legs are great and some patrons love their waitresses. 1801 Mercury Blvd. (757) 827-3010
  4. Red Lobster carries a variety of seafood, including crab legs, year round. 1046 W. Mercury Blvd. (757) 838-6062
  5. The Crabshack Seafood Restaurant This establishment on the James River is a romantic place for crab leg lovers. It offers a unique waterfront dining experience. No, this location is not in Hampton, but it's close enough. 7601 River Road, Newport News, VA (757) 245-CRAB

Some of the restaurants mention above operate year round for lunch and dinner service. However, some of them may not. It is best to contact the location beforehand to inquire regarding operating times and to see if reservations are necessary or encouraged.

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