5 Risks Of Testosterone Boosters

With all of the hype surrounding testosterone and it supposed benefits, it might be wise to consider the top five risks of testosterone boosters. Testosterone boosters, or steroids, are often used by body builders, athletes, and young men to increase speed, strength, size, and muscle mass. Testosterone is a hormone produced primarily in the testes of men. Its production peaks in early adulthood and begins to decline after the age of 30. While some supplements that boost the natural production of testosterone may be safe if used properly, many other steroids and testosterone boosters carry serious risks and side effects. Consequently, most testosterone boosters are illegal in the United States without a prescription. Before using anything to supplement testosterone production, you should always consult a physician. Below are the top five risks of testosterone boosters.

  1. Damage to vital organs. Long-term use of testosterone boosters can damage the liver and may even cause liver cancer. Kidney damage is also a possibility.
  2. Changes in behavior. Testosterone boosters often cause men to be more aggressive and hostile. They can cause symptoms similar to those found in people who suffer from severe psychiatric disorders. Irritability and mood changes are common side effects of testosterone boosters. Many people also experience serious depression when they use testosterone supplements.
  3. Physical changes. Men who use testosterone boosters often suffer premature baldness, an increase in breast size, and severe cases of acne and oily skin. Testicles may irreversibly shrink as well.
  4. Risk of injury. Testosterone boosters do increase muscle mass at a fast rate, but they also cause the muscle tissue to grow abnormally. Unfortunately, they do not increase the growth rate and strength of tendons and ligaments. Thus, muscles tears, ligament injuries, tendon ruptures and stunted growth are common in men who use testosterone boosting supplements.
  5. Loss of ability to produce testosterone naturally. When you use boosters to supplement testosterone production, your body may slow or even stop the natural production of testosterone. This may occur because the testicles, which are the body's biggest producers of testosterone, often shrink when you use testosterone enhancing supplements. Since this shrinkage is permanent, it may not be possible to ever restore natural testosterone production levels in men who use boosters.
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