5 River Fishing Tips

The following 5 river fishing tips can be used by both beginner anglers as well as experienced ones for improving river fishing success. River fishing differs from fishing in lakes and other stable bodies of water due to the current. The current provides a directional aspect to the water that is not present in lakes. These simple ideas can help an angler to catch more fish regardless of whether the angler is targeting bass, muskie, walleye or other game fish, as these river fishing tips will work for them all. Here are 5 river fishing tips to improve the number and size of an angler’s catch.

  1. Don’t forget the bug spray when river fishing. Rivers are a great place for bugs. Bugs are almost always present in large numbers near rivers and can make an angler’s life miserable. Remembering to bring along an effective bug spray can be the most important of these river fishing tips as it can help an angler stay fishing longer. Naturally, the longer an angler stays on the water, the greater his chances of success.
  2. Drifting bait is an easy and productive way to fish rivers. One of the simplest and most productive ways to fish a river is to drift bait. This is one of the simplest river fishing tips and is one that will catch a lot of fish. A nightcrawler or piece of a nightcrawler presented on a baitholder hook and allowed to drift with the river’s current can result in fast and productive fishing.
  3. Concentrating on river bends will improve an angler’s chance of success. A bend in a river causes drifting bugs and other food sources that will attract fish to congregate. The current will often dig out a hollow area in the bank that will provide shade and cooler water on rivers with a large amount of sun exposure.
  4. Always cast a lure or bait to submerged structures. No matter whether the submerged structure is a log, a junk refrigerator or an old tire, a fish may be nearby. Cast upstream of the structure and allow the bait to drift naturally by, or swim lures past the structure.
  5. Wade or use a boat to cast to all areas of a river. Wading small rivers or using a boat in large rivers will allow an angler to access all the good fishing in a river. Cast under overhanging limbs, against dug out banks and swim baits out of small tributaries into the channel for improved river fishing.

Use these river fishing tips to improve your river fishing on your next trip!

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