5 Romantic Dating Tips

Five romantic dating tips to keep dating life lively, sexy and fun can be the good luck charm in your pocket. Moreover, every man should always update his romance skills to add some spice and salt. Boring is as boring does. Whether you are dating many girls at once or whether you tend to be the Old Faithful type with one lady a time or whether you are a drama king with a “torn between two lovers thing” going on, these tips are for everybody. Romantic dating tips you may rely on can be low key or high energy, passionate or lighthearted. Listen. A romance arsenal never hurt anyone. Where are you on the romance meter? Remember, do you need to step up your game or tone it down? If you are especially nearing the territory of "The One," you really need to pay close attention on developing a good round of recyclable five romantic dating tips.

  1. Woo the girl. Ah,wooing. That’s at the top of the five romantic dating tips. Treat her as if she is the hottest thing since sliced bread. Spend money. Go on thrilling dates, like a weekend away in the mountains, cabin, roaring fire. Time tested wooing tools also include an unexpected bouquet of flowers, candlelit restaurant, a stuffed panda, a string of pearls, and the box of beautifully wrapped expensive candy. She’ll never eat it, but who cares? It’s the thought that counts.
  2. Listen to her. Seriously. Listening is as sexy as red shoes. Listening ranks high on the five romantic dating tips. Every woman wants to know her thoughts and words matter. Even if they do not. Maybe you are thinking of the blown call at the last game, but put it aside or at least pretend she has your total attention. That makes a woman feel like a Queen.
  3. Be the Best Kisser in the world. Because, if you’re not, it’s get back Jack. A light sweet peck on a first date. Take your kissing cues from her. Don’t turn up the heat and the tongue, unless she’s got the fire,too. 
  4. Tell her how pretty she is, often.  Every woman wants to know she can trump Brittany Spears or Halle Berry on a good day any time of the week when it’s comes to beauty. You got the goods on five romantic dating tips and one of them is, you appreciate her beauty. You make her feel like there is no other gorgeous sexy thing as hot as she is. You detail her eyes, her walk, her laugh. She’s intoxicated with the mirror being held up. Open both your hands. She‘s going to be eating out of them.
  5. Don’t wait, call her. Not every every day but often enough to let her know she‘s being pursued. And if you say you are going to call, then do it. Text and email are great, but nothing substitutes for a good old fashioned phone call. Just to say, "I  heart you."

You’ve got five romantic dating tips at your disposal. With five romantic dating tips, you know what they say. Use it or lose it.



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