5 Romantic Gestures For Your Girlfriend

Here are 5 romantic gestures for your girlfriend that can impress her and help spark the romance in your relationship. Remember romance does not need to be dinner on the river in Paris, or trips to exotic vacation spots. Sometimes, the simple gestures can be the greatest signs of romance. Take a look at these 5 simple romantic gestures and try one for your girlfriend today.

  1. Giving flowers is always a good gesture. Giving flowers on special occasions is great but don’t wait until that occasion, get her a bouquet of her favorite flowers just because. Giving flowers just because you want to will go a long way especially if you are earnest with your intent.
  2. Plan a date night once a week. This doesn’t mean going to dinner and the latest action flick. Plan a date night with activities that she will enjoy and that you both can partake in. Start it off with a dinner for two, no television, just candles. This simple gesture can make for a great start to an enjoyable date night.
  3. Give her a card. Here is another romantic gesture that can be simple in nature, done often, and means a lot in showing that special someone that they are appreciated.
  4. Sing their favorite song when answering their calls. This one is great especially if one of their favorite tunes is a romantic or love song. Since most people talk on cell phones and have special ring tones for their girlfriend, this one is possible. Think of their song or another love song and the next time they call, answer by singing that tune. Unless you sound like a wounded ostrich 3 minutes from death, they will love this one.
  5. Have a quiet dinner with a walk or drive. This may seem simple but it really means a lot. Try having a quiet dinner with that special someone and follow it up with a walk or a drive. This will give you time alone with her and allow her to talk about things on her mind. A tip during conversation of any type, do not try to solve any problems unless directly asked. This is very important when conversing with your special someone, they may be looking to vent or just tell you about their day. If they want you to help them they will ask and this is the time for you to be her hero, but never before.

These 5 romantic gestures for your girlfriend will do wonders for your relationship. It isn’t difficult to be a romantic, it just takes a little thought and understanding on your part to make simple gestures become romantic.

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