5 Rough Sex Ideas

Looking to learn 5 rough sex ideas? Having rough sex or incorporating rough and kinky elements into areas of your sex life can add a little spice and keep things exciting. Rough sex does not necessarily mean punching, bruising or drawing blood, but it can get aggressive and over the top on par with both partners' preferences. As such, one of the best ways to begin exploring the world of rough sex is to experiment with some of the more common techniques that are generally incorporated into rough sex.

  1. Pull her hair while she is performing oral sex on you. Try pulling her hair during fellatio and even holding her head down on your penis during deep throat. Obviously, this is something that can cause a bit of gagging, so do not overdo it.
  2. Spanking. During intercourse, engage in spanking. This type of action works well in a number of positions, specifically when she is on top or during doggy style. During a point in which you are in control of the thrusting, supplement thrusting with various speeds of spanking. As intercourse becomes more intense, increase the speed and or severity of spanking to correlate.
  3. Experiment with biting. During an intense make out session that might occur during foreplay as well as intercourse, gently bite on her lips and neck as you explore parts of her body; just how hard you bite and whether or not blood is drawn is completely dependent on the degree of sex and or your preferences.
  4. Hold her down during intercourse. Take complete control and hold her down during intercourse. A common position to perform this action in is during doggy style or standing up against a wall. Pinning her wrists against the wall or down to the bed is a fun way to exhibit a rough dominance that will turn her on.
  5. Pull out and give her a facial. When intercourse is drawing to an end, pull out and thrust your penis into her mouth for a few seconds, then pull out and ejaculate onto her face. This is a commonly preferred method of ending a rough and wild sex romp.
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