5 Rough Sex Moves

Trying one of the ideas off the list of 5 rough sex moves can add some much needed kink to your sex life. Before engaging in any type of rough sex, talk to your partner first. You should know beforehand how far you want to carry things, what is off limits and also have a safe word set up. If this is your first time engaging in any form of rough sex, then you should go very slow. All of these moves can be done with varying degrees of intensity.

  1. Hair pulling is a very standard rough sex move. Many people don’t see it as that rough. It is a great sexual act that you can add into almost any position as a starter rough sex move. This will help you get an idea to how your partner or even yourself reacts to rough sex. For people experienced in rough sex it is still a great move. You can kick the intensity level up simply by pulling harder or using hair pulling to control your partner during (or be controlled) during oral sex.
  2. Biting is another rough sex move that is easily added into any type of sex. You can use gentle nibbling all the way to hard bites that leave marks on your partner’s skin. You should be very careful with how much pressure you use when biting your partner. This is a sexual move that can also get very dangerous fast. Make sure you speak with your partner first. There might be areas of their body (or your body) that is a no biting zone. This is also a sexual move you should have clear safe word in place before adding to your sexual routine.
  3. Spanking and hitting are another very popular rough sex move. Again you can do this to varying degrees depending on the comfort level of you and your partner. You can also add toys such as paddles, whips and floggers. As with the biting, make sure you discuss with your partner the intensity you wish to use, what areas are off limits and if how they feel about the possibility of marks.
  4. Holding (or tying) your partner down is another sexual move that can turn many ordinary positions into rough sex. A very easy way to test the waters with this rough sex move is to hold your partner down by their wrist (or let them hold you down) when they are on top of you. Many people that are experienced with rough sex enjoy handcuffs and ropes. Many sex shops sell soft Velcro handcuffs that can easily be taken off. These easy to remove restraints are easier on the dominate partner since it frees bother of their hands but still allows the submissive partner the ability to undo their bindings quickly.
  5. Choking is one of the most risky rough sex moves. It can also be one of the most enjoyable for both partners. Extreme caution should be used if you are considering adding this rough sex move to sexual routine. Many submissives claim to get an instant orgasm from being choked. Also the dominate person can also get enjoyment out of the act. Choking doesn’t have to be as extreme as it might sound. It can be as simple as gently laying your hand on your partner’s throat. This is a simple way to figure out your comfortable level with choking as a rough sex move. Slowly as pressure each time you try this move. Be sure to communicate with your partner about the experience before, during and afterwards so there is no misunderstandings.
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