5 Rough Sex Role Playing Ideas

The list of 5 rough sex role playing ideas covers a variety of kink and interests. Role playing is typically performed to add a little spice to the sex life, with each partner getting to step into a different persona for a bit. It’s the fun of being with someone else, without the actual infidelity, and the scenarios played out can make for a turn on that isn’t always present in the bedroom.

  1. The boss and the secretary. This one is so classic they even made a movie about it. The female partner plays the secretary who is a bit bumbling and fumbling. The male plays a domineering and impatient boss. When the mistakes mount up, so do the spankings, and the boss can get very physical and inappropriate with his assistant. This rough sex role playing idea would get any man fired if played out for real in the workplace—unless his secretary was particularly kinky—but playing with your partner can make it a lot of fun.
  2. The guard and the inmate. In this scenario the man is a prison guard at a female institution for the naughty. With handcuffs at his side he may have to enter the cell to subdue a disobedient and rowdy inmate. She can protest and put up a fight, but in the end the long…uh…arm of the law will prevail. This rough sex role playing idea can be heightened if the male wears a cop outfit…typically a big turn on for any woman.
  3. The schoolmaster and the naughty student. Another classic rough sex role playing scenario, this one typically involves a paternalistic and stern schoolmaster, who has had a naughty female student sent her way for some punishment. This scenario typically starts off with some over-the-knee spanking, but as the student squirms and fights more and more, the schoolmaster has to become ever more physical and rough, ultimately making his student completely submit to him.
  4. The cheating girlfriend. This scenario is fun because it’s just enough close to home that the reality can be a turn on. The couple should choose a friend of the male’s who he knows his partner is hot for and would take for a ride in a second. The man starts the accusations, wondering where she’s been on certain nights and why she hasn’t answered her phone at certain times. As her protestations mount, she begins to falter in her ability to cover up her lies and her partner grows more and more agitated. Convinced he can show her what a real man is like in bed and to punish her for her deeds, the rough sex can begin. This rough sex role playing idea, can be fun, but just make sure you don’t uncover any actual truths!
  5. The intruder. This rough sex role playing idea requires some set up, but can be a lot of fun. She goes to sleep and at some point in the middle of the night you sneak into her room/apartment. As you make your way near the bed she stirs and is startled. She makes an attempt to thwart your efforts, but you overtake her, telling her just to give in and let you have what you want so you can be on your way. From hear, the rough sex can get as intense as either of you can stand it.  With this scenario, as with others, be sure to have a safeword set up ahead of time!
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