5 Rules Of Seduction

Knowing the 5 rules of seduction will come in handy if you are trying to seduce the woman of your dreams. Perhaps she isn’t showing any interest, or maybe she already has a lover. No matter what, when it comes to getting her for yourself, you have to follow the 5 rules of seduction. Here they are.

  1. Never reveal your intentions. Do you think she is going to fall for your charm if you tell her flat-out that you are trying to seduce her? The first rule of seduction is to always keep your real motivation to yourself. Feign a certain disinterest if you must.
  2. Be a gentleman. If you make rude or vulgar remarks, she probably won’t fall for your “worldly charm”. The third rule of seduction says to hold the door for her, but don’t follow her around and open every door she walks through. In other words, be polite, but don’t go over-the-top with your generosity.
  3. Show your masculinity. Women are drawn more to men who are masculine and not too “girly”. Even if you are the intelligent type, enhance your masculinity in the way you dress, walk, and talk. This is the fourth rule of seduction.
  4. Show your strengths. We all have them; what are yours? The second rule of seduction: If you are an intellectual, show that off by offering random facts as you are conversing; If you are more the brawny type, use your gentlemanly power to carry her things to the car.
  5. Find her weakness. The fifthand finalrule of seduction? Learn what makes her tick and then find her weak spots. Then use them to your advantage. Corner her and don't let her escape.
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