5 Sad Arabic Songs

Choosing the saddest song is a highly personal matter, but these five sad Arabic songs appear at the top of many lists. They represent the best in melancholy, emotional, and sometimes depressing lyrics, melody, and rhythm.

  1. "Al Holm Al Arabi" (The Arab Dream)." "The Arab Dream," performed by a group of 23 singers from the Arabic world, tells of the Middle Eastern dream for peace, unity, and hope for the next generation. While the song invokes deep meaning and emotion (including anger, hopelessness, and disgust), the pan-Arab anthem symbolizes the wish for a hopeful future.
  2. "Enta Fein Well Hobbi Fein ("Where Are You and Where Is My Love?)." The late Egyptian singer Umm Khulthum sang sadness with "Where Are You and Where Is My Love?" Known as the "Star of the East," the Arab world’s most famous musician was extremely popular in Egypt and Israel, among Arabs and Jews alike.
  3. "Ana Law Azetoh (If I Hurt Him)." "If I hurt him, what more could he have done?" asks  Mohamed Hamaki in "If I Hurt Him." "If I’ve killed someone close to him, that would have been easier on him." Hamaki, an Egyptian singer, is a relatively new talent in the music industry.
  4. "Men Aalak (Who Told You?)." "Who Told You?" is also among the list of sad Arabic songs. Fadl Shaker, a famous Lebanese singer, remembers "my life, my love, from long ago." "Alienation took me from country to country," he sings, but "your eyes weren’t absent from me."
  5. "Shantet Safar (Traveling Baggage)." Rounding the list of five sad Arabic songs is "Shantet Safar" by Egyptian pop and jazz musician, Angham. "My way has reached the end away from you…my pulse was lost," she sings.
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