5 Sad Break Up Songs 2010

Sometimes, after a break up, one can feel alone and that they are the only person in the world going through it, but there have been countless songs about break ups and here is a list of the 5 sad break up songs 2010. These should let you know that you are not alone.

  1. Alicia Keys “Try Sleeping with A Broken Heart”– From her fourth album, "The Element of Freedom," released in 2009, this ballad is the perfect sad break up song for somebody dealing with a broken heart. It shows the downfall of the relationship as well as provides encouragement to get over the break up. “Find a way to make it without you tonight …” says Keys in the chorus.
  2. Trey Songz “Can’t Be Friends”– Known for his songs on relationships showing the good, the bad and the ugly, this is a perfect song for the sad break up songs list of 2010. The second single of Trey Songz’ 2010 album, "Passion, Pain & Pleasure," the song tells the story of a bad breakup and how they can’t be friends, regretting what they did and falling in love with her.
  3. Enrique Iglesias “Heartbreaker” –Heartbreak and break up go hand in hand, so this song is perfectly titled for this list. Taken from Enrique’s ninth studio album, "Euphoria," this song is full of heartache about a girl who will always be a heartbreaker, and Enrique questions why he is in denial about her being a heartbreaker.
  4. Katy Perry “The One That Got Away” –This is the saddest song on Perry’s third studio album, "Teenage Dream," released in August 2010. Simple and to the point, “in another life I would be your girl…” sings Perry telling the story of the one that got away.
  5. Ginuwine “What Could Have Been”– This is the single for Ginuwine’s next studio album. Beautiful in melody but sad in lyrical content, Ginuwine sings what he sings about best and that is the woulda, coulda, shoulda’s of a relationship gone wrong. This is the perfect sad break up song of 2010 to close off the list.
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