5 Sad Hip Hop Songs

These 5 sad hip hop songs deal with loss, absenteeism, depression, and romantic heartbreak. It is a list that covers nearly every imaginable category of sadness that you could go through, making it comprehensive despite its brevity. If ever you need a song that evokes a kindred spirit and sympathy to your emotions, dig out this lineup and revel with the best that hip hop has to offer.

  1. “The Rain” – Tech N9ne. Tech N9ne pulls all the heartstrings on this sad hip hop song short of looping the music in a minor key. Verses about being away from his wife and daughters will touch you, and you'll feel the regret and sadness when N9ne's own daughters jump on the mic for a quick rhyme wherein they ask their father questions about when he'll be home, if he misses them, and if he and their mom will stay together.
  2. “Black Winter Day” – Jedi Mind Tricks. There is perhaps no better sad hip hop song dealing with the stress of life and depression than this joint from the Pennsylvania and New Jersey supergroup. Laced over haunting music, this sad hip hop song will resonate with you on those dreary, shouldn't-have-gotten-out-of-bed kind of days.
  3. “Figure It Out” – Audible Mainframe. This tune from Mainframe's 2004 release, “Framework”, is for all those dudes out there who ever poured their heart out to a girl only to be shot down and told that they should just be friends. Mainframe lays it all out in this sad hip hop song. The result is an anthem for heartbroken guys everywhere.
  4. “Sorry I'm Away So Much” – Xzibit. Another sad hip hop song dealing with the need to be absent from friends and family. From Xzibit's 2002 album, “X”, “Sorry” laments how Xzibit's career demands that he spend most of his time traveling, laying tracks in the studio, and making the money necessary to support his family. X apologizes to his son and friends in lockdown, all of whom need him the most while he's farthest away.
  5. “Tribute” – D.I.T.C. Big L was considered by many to be one of the best emcees of all time. At least, it was believed he would one day achieve such a status had only he lived long enough to cultivated such a legacy. Unfortunately, Big L (real name Lamont Coleman) was shot and killed in early 1999. One of the most-skilled underground emcees to ever grace the scene, the tributes poured out in droves. This joint by D.I.T.C. is the best of the bunch.
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