5 Sad Violin Songs

These 5 sad violin songs will tug at your heartstrings. For some reason, people enjoy the somber tones of sad songs and find beauty in them. The violin evokes incomparable emotion when played well. You may feel a tear roll down your cheek as you listen to these impossibly sweet sounds of sadness.

  1. Williams’ “Schindler’s List Theme.” Listen to this one played by Itzhak Perlman. He pours all the sadness of six million victims into his performance. This violin song was released in 1993.
  2. Franz Schubert’s “Ave Maria.” The violin from this 1825 piece is sure to make you cry. Try to listen to it in a cathedral. The acoustics and surroundings will give you goose bumps. Remember, “Ave Maria” means “Hail Mary.”
  3. McCartney’s “Eleanor Rigby.” This simple and familiar ballad from 1966 tells the sad story of an old woman named Eleanor Rigby. She is alone. Nobody knows or cares about her. She dies along with her name.
  4. Barber’s “Adagio for Strings.” This half-hour long piece is cathartic. It sounds like lovely human souls beseeching the heavens for relief from their suffering. It makes you sad, but there’s a hint of hope in it, too. This sad violin song from 1936 ends up lifting your spirits through its sadness, just because of its sheer beauty.
  5. Tobani’s “Hearts and Flowers.” You’ve heard this 1908 song in the old "Looney Toons" cartoons. When Bugs Bunny was really, really sad, and laying it on thick, tears streaming down his bunny cheeks, this music was in the background. It was common to use this sad violin song as music for silent films as well.
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