5 Safe Dating Tips

There are 5 safe dating tips that every man needs to be aware of if he wants to have a successful and fun dating experience. If you ignore these rules, you're setting yourself up for a bad situation. Don't do it to yourself — be safe and smart when dating a new woman.

  1. Find out about her last boyfriend. This is an extremely important safe dating tip to keep in mind when you're seeing a new woman. You don't know if she has a crazy ex who has been stalking her for the past several months. She's not going to tell you that for obvious reasons. If you go over her house and he kicks in the door (waving the 44) what are you going to do? So remember this safe dating tip : casually ask her about her last man. Ask why she broke up with him. Use your powers of intuition and watch both her verbal and non-verbal cues to make a decision on whether she had a bad breakup that could come back to revisit her (and you) later.
  2. Meet in a public place. They tell this safe dating tip to women all the time, but it's important for men too. Women can be just as disturbed or conniving as men. There have been stories of men who were set up by women they've just met. The man comes to the "date" and gets robbed or worse. So always meet a new woman in a public place with plenty of people around–don't go to her house or a motel.
  3. Tell a friend. Again, this is another one of those safe dating tips that they tell women but neglect to advise men. Make sure that your buddy knows that you're going to meet a new girl and where. Tell him that if he doesn't hear from you by a certain time with the "thumbs up" that he should call somebody or investigate further into your whereabouts.
  4. Keep your information private. Some men post their phone numbers to women they've met online too quickly. Do you realize that someone can find out your full address and personal information with just a cell phone number? And you don't even really know that you're talking to a beautiful babe — you could be chatting with some type of scammer. So one key safe dating tip is to keep your information close — wait until you've spoken to the lady a few times before giving out your number and do not post any private information on an online dating site.
  5. Wrap it up every time. This safe dating tip goes without saying, especially if you're just dating casually. There is no excuse to go bareback with a woman you're just "dating" under any circumstances. Even if she says she just had her check-up yesterday and takes birth control every day, still put on a condom. Make sure it fits and is a good quality — the number one cause of broken or slipped condoms is an ill-fitting or cheap brand.



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