5 Safe Male Enhancement Products

Studies show that most men are not happy with their penis size, which is why the Internet is flooded with searches for the 5 safe male enhancement products.  Men want to know which products actually work, and which are safest to use.  Male enhancement is a multi-million dollar industry, and with such a large variety of available products it can be difficult to know which ones are most effective.  We've listed the top safe male enhancement products for your convenience below.

  1. Penis patch.  The penis patch is a non invasive male enhancement product that can increase your penis size by up to three inches. It works similar to a tobacco patch, in that it is applied to the skin and does not have the same annoying side effects that oral medication can.  The penis patch releases small amount of organic herbs known to increase the size of your penis.
  2. Penis cream. One of the most popular male enhancement products on the market is the penis cream.  To use, simply apply the cream to the penis area.  These creams have been known to increase penis size, enhance sexual performance, and make for a harder erection. 
  3. Penis pump. Men buy penis pumps for various reasons.  Most importantly, they are a safe male enhancement product that has been proven to work.  Secondly, using a penis pump feels good too.  The penis is inserted into a cylinder and is operated by either battery or manual hand pump.  When the cylinder is activated, it creates a suction.  The suction engorges and elongates the penis in width and length. 
  4. Penis traction device. Penis traction is a fairly new concept in safe male enhancement products, but it has become an increasingly popular choice.   This device has a circular base, which slides over the penis, and a band that fits over the head.  It then slowly stretches the penis, naturally stimulating growth.  You can control how tight the penis is stretched, so you can start out very slow and work up to a maximum stretch.
  5. Vitamins for penis growth. Another one of the most safe male enhancement products are vitamins designed specifically for penis growth.  These vitamins are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that target penis size and sexual health.  These vitamins can be used alone or with any of the safe male enhancement products listed above.
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