5 Safe Spanking Sex Tips

This list of 5 safe spanking sex tips includes some common sense ways to enjoy spanking your partner while not causing any harm. Spanking is a great way to spice up your love life, adding a little kink and eroticism. Some women get so turned on by spanking that you may find your girl begging for it every time the lights go out.

  1. Use the proper implements. One of the most important safe spanking sex tips is to make sure you are using the right tools. Depending on your partner’s familiarity with getting paddled, you will not want to be too brutal. A studded metal pole is going to be difficult to wield effectively regardless of how experienced you both are, so make sure you know ahead of time what will work well without being too intense. A hand, soft leather paddle, or even just a light wooden cutting board are good to start off.
  2. Get her consent. This might seem like a no brainer, but you can’t go into this situation with your own agenda and not having discussed spanking with your partner. There is a chance that you might get carried away and rush into things, but if you haven’t at least given a hint that you plan on spanking her, this could lead to problems. She might not be in the mood or she might even have a sun burn where you plan to swat her. A good safe spanking sex tip is to make sure you know she wants it.
  3. Have a safeword. This is a classic safe spanking sex tip and one that you should use. A safeword is a previously agreed upon word that you and your partner have set up; when it’s used it effectively means “time out” and that the person using it wants to stop. The reason this is important is that part of the spanking play will involve her saying no and “trying” to get you to “stop.” If you can’t tell real from play, things can go poorly.
  4. Don’t drink and spank. A good safe spanking sex tip is to not spank her while you’re drunk. You are, of course, not as fully in control of your actions while tanked, and you don’t want to be swinging a paddle at your partner when you can’t really control what you’re doing. Stay sober and in general your sexual experience will be more fulfilling, and you’ll be able to perform better.
  5. Change up your location. If you just swat your partner over and over and over on the same spot on her butt or thigh, it’s going to eventually begin to hurt. And even thought she might like the pain, you might be doing damage to the skin or blood vessels without even knowing it. Vary your location a little bit, never landing too many spanks in a row on one spot.
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