5 Samsung TV Troubleshooting Tips

Trying to troubleshoot your television on your own is always a pain, so we have compiled a list of 5 Samsung TV Troubleshooting Tips. Why waste money on a television repair person or time on line with a technical support line when you can try to fix your Samsung television on your own using our 5 Samsung TV Troubleshooting Tips list?

  1. TV won’t turn on – Samsung TV Troubleshooting Tip. If your television is plugged into a power strip, there is a chance that the power strip is no longer functional. Try plugging your television directly into the wall outlet. Also be sure to check that the power line that comes out of your television has not been unplugged.
  2. No picture - Samsung TV Troubleshooting Tip. If you have no picture or the screen is black, make sure that your television is on and press the menu button. If the menu appears, press the source button to ensure that your television is set to the same source as the connected video device (cable or satellite box, DVD player, etc). If you are connected to the correct source, make sure that all cables going between your television and the video source are properly plugged in. If that fails, you can try unplugging the connected video source for 30 seconds.
  3. Constant low volume – Samsung TV Troubleshooting Tip. Having constant low volume on your television is typically caused by having a device that is not properly connected to your television or if the volume on the external device is turned down low. First, begin by making sure all cables that connect your television to the external device are properly connected. Increase the volume on your television by using your remote control to make sure that the volume is not muted or turned so low that it can’t be heard.
  4. TV will not turn off – Samsung TV Troubleshooting Tip. If your television will not power off, chances are there is a problem with your remote control. If you cannot turn your television off using your remote control, you can try pressing the power button that is located directly on the television. If that fails, unplug your television from the wall outlet or power strip and wait 10 minutes. While you are waiting the 10 minutes, put fresh batteries in your remote control.
  5. Black Or Gray Bars On The Sides Of The PictureSamsung TV Troubleshooting Tip. If your television is connected to a cable or satellite box, make sure that the settings on your cable or satellite box are set to a picture mode of 16:9. If your television is is connected directly to a cable line or other source, make sure that the settings on your television are set to a picture mode of 16:9.

Tips and Warnings:

  1. Do not attempt to troubleshoot your television using our list of 5 Samsung TV Troubleshooting Tips if you do not feel that you possess the necessary technical skills.
  2. If, after using our 5 Samsung TV Troubleshooting Tips list, you are still having technical problems with your television, contact Samsung directly.


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