5 Scariest Movie Trailers Of 2010

Looking for the 5 scariest movie trailers of 2010? Trailer editors and their executives have taken their product to the next level, creating their own unique form of entertainment that tells its own story, conveys emotional responses from its audience and advertises the bigger feature product. When it comes to horror films, the goal is to scare horror buffs and cinematic thrill seekers into seeing the movie, without offending general audiences at the same time. The scariest movie trailers of 2010 are those that haunt with you long after the trailer ends, so you'll either remember to see it when it is released… or avoid it all costs.

  1. "Legion":As the critical reviews, the terrible January box office numbers and the cheap CGI effects reflected, "Legion" was a terrible horror movie about heaven and hell, a battle between angels and demons and the people (which includes Dennis Quaid) who are stuck in the middle. Yet the trailer was shockingly terrifying, as it had a little old lady crawl up on the ceiling all Linda Blair-style and some skinny mutant character dressed in what looks to be a yellow fast food uniform unhinge his jaw as he runs towards the camera on all fours. Those images alone will haunt you for days and should save you the money and time wasted actually seeing "Legion."
  2. "Devil":Why is M. Night Shyamalan still allowed to make big-budget movies? This question has been asked repeatedly and no one has really been able to answer it accurately. Does he have dirt on some very rich people who keep funding his films? Do film studios enjoy losing tens of millions of dollars each year? Maybe, it's because his bad films, like "Devil," can be made into excellent trailers. The trailer leads us to discover that this story takes place inside of an elevator in a tall office building. People inside the elevator begin getting killed. People outside the elevator try to save them and see terrifying images on a security monitor. A few people jump to their death or fall long distances. There are flashes of someone with bandages wrapped around their face, tipping forward out of the darkness behind one of our characters. It is eerie, possibly intense and maybe even frightening. Too bad we know it's going to suck, thanks to the director's track record.
  3. "Paranormal Activity 2": The surprise horror film of 2009 capitalizes on it's low budget brilliance by making a sequel, which we all figure probably won't be very good. Its trailer succeeds in showing you next to nothing, but enough to make you cover your eyes intermittently throughout. We jump from security camera to security camera, see a dog growling, see some people arguing, see a baby standing up in it's crib and then somehow wandering around the house. The trailer for "Paranormal Activity 2," like the film, is simple and frustrating, allowing your mind to fill what you can't or haven't yet seen.
  4. "Splice":Scientists combine human cells with animal cells to create a clone which goes out of control and begins hunting and killing them. It's a simple, futuristic, horror and sci-fi creature feature premise and the trailer holds no punches. 
  5.  "The Human Centipede": By far the most entertaining, scary and disgusting trailer of the year, "The Human Centipede" only succeeded at one of the three: being considered one of the most gruesome and disgusting films of all time. The trailer sets up the story quickly, with two pretty girls getting lost in the woods in Germany in a rainstorm, finding a house, meeting a creepy German doctor, who is of course a psychopath. He drugs them, they wake up tied to beds and find out they are part of his experiment called The Human Centipede, where people are surgically attached to each other like a centipede, mouth to… well, you get the awful, disgusting picture. Probably not a film worth actually watching if you have any sort of sensitivity to your stomach, but the trailer is superbly horrific, entertaining and nauseating. 
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