5 Second Date Conversation Tips

You've impressed a girl enough for her to agree to see you a second time; guarantee that you'll hold her interest by learning 5 second date conversation tips before you meet up with her. Let her get to know you in a personal sense on the second date and maybe on the third you can get to know her in a biblical sense. 

  1. Follow up on things she mentioned during the first date. Maybe she mentioned that she was going to visit her sister for the weekend or she said something about an important meeting at work. She may have even told you that she needed to take her dog to the vet. You need to ask her about plans she mentioned on your first date. This makes it seem like you have been thinking about her and you paid close attention when she was talking to you the first time you met. Even if you are not particularly interested in whether her dog received his vaccinations you ought to let her know that you care about things that are important to her.
  2. Tell her how your week went. If you mentioned your plans for the week the last time you saw her, make sure to let her know how they went. Carrying a conversation from one week to the next makes it seem like you have some history together. It will make her feel more comfortable with you talk about a few things that are familiar to her about yourself.
  3. Don't tell her that your father was a violent alcoholic who beat your mother. Or any other sordid detail about your past. Even though these things may be important to eventually bring up in the course of your relationship with a new woman, the second date is not the appropriate time to discuss your personal tragedies. 
  4. Avoid complaining about anything at length. Whether your boss was a tyrant this week or the waiter at your table is ignoring you, you're date does not need to hear you whining at length. You can mention stuff that irritates you but don't dwell on it. 
  5. Tell her a funny story about your family. By the second date, she may be interested in hearing about what kind of home you come from. Even if you aren't on good terms with your relatives, you can probably come up with at least one cute story about your brother learning to ride a bike. Talking about your childhood in a positive and casual manner makes you seem well-adjusted and attractive. 
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