5 Second Date Rules

Since you made it through the first date and secured a second, you may be thinking you're set and you don't need to bother learning 5 second date rules. You're wrong. First dates are easy. As long as you don't vomit, tell a racist joke or insult the waiter on the first date, there's a pretty good chance most women are going to agree to a second date. After all, they liked you enough to agree to the first one. The thing about second dates is they lead to the all important third date where things might get physical. Women tend to get a lot pickier when sex is looming. If you want to make it to the promised land, pay attention to these second date rules.

  1. Change it up. Whatever you do, do not make the second date a carbon copy of the first date. In fact, make it as different as possible. If you did dinner and a movie for the first date, go to a county fair on the second one. You want to come off multifaceted and interesting. If she finds the second date boring, she'll automatically assume dating you would be monotonous. 
  2. Don't make it too romantic. The second date is not the third date. Second date rules are not third dates rules. If she didn't sleep with you on the first date, the chances she's going to sleep with you at the end of the second date are slim to none. The first date is about getting to know each other. The third date is about romance. The second date should be about having fun. Go out during the day. Have a picnic. Go hiking. Give her a chance to imagine what dating you would be like during the 99 percent of the time you guys wouldn't be actively engaged in sex.
  3. Let her pay if she offers. This can be tricky for men. They don't know when women are offering just to be polite and when they really mean it. Give her the compliment of assuming she's honest. If she offers to pay and you won't let her, she may assume you're controlling.
  4. Don't introduce her to your friends. A nerve-wracking first date may tempt you to take the pressure off yourself on the second date by inviting your best friend and his girlfriend along or taking your date out to meet your gang. Don't. This violates second date rules. At this point your date barely knows you. She doesn't want to have to deal with the weird strangers you call your friends.
  5. Definitely don't introduce her to your family. Even if they're nice and it's Thanksgiving. Women have a reputation for being the ones who push relationships too fast and put too much pressure on men to commit. Some women do this. So do some men. You'll scare her off if you make it seem like you're trying to make her part of your life when it's only the second date.

Second date rules aren't set in stone and these might not work for you, especially if you're dating someone you've known for a long time. But, in general, these five second date rules will keep you out of trouble and hopefully help you get to that all important third date.

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