5 Secret Amateur Sex Tips

For an amateur, or anybody just not experienced in the sexual arts, having a crib sheet of 5 secret amateur sex tips could be the difference between a one night stand and a two or three night stand. Luckily, there are plenty of ways for a person to really get the most out of their sexual experience, and here are five of them.

  1. The tease. Mastering the art of the tease is a must for either gender. This doesn't mean to be a tease, that is what happens when somebody pretends they are going to be sexually interested and pulls the offer at the last second. The tease in this case is something that happens after the deal is already going to be sealed. Teasing your partner, whether it be through withholding pleasure, orgasms, or even the certain kind of touch they like, can turn a Tuesday night sex routine into a Saturday night passion session.
  2. Oral fixation. If you don't like to perform oral sex, you may be screwed. No pun intended. Oral sex goes further than just putting your mouth on your partners bits, it is an entirely selfless act of giving pleasure to another person and is almost as much of a turn on to a lot of people because of that then the fact it can cause an orgasm. If you don't like giving oral it gives you one less thing to do sexually with your partner, and they may even resent it and try and find that extra giving somewhere else, so suck it up.
  3. Foreplay. Unless it's specifically written out in your sexual contract with the other person that it isn't, foreplay is an assumed necessity. Kissing, touching, hands running all over the sensitive areas of a persons body, these are all important things to a smooth and enjoyable sexual experience. You wouldn't start your engine without oiling the motor, and you shouldn't have sex cold either. Something will tear!
  4. Be kinky. Even the most seemingly vanilla and straight laced person probably has some dirty kink in the dark matter of their brain that they've hidden away and suppressed. Whatever it is, if it gets brought up … act on it. Sex is like war, you have to be prepared for anything, so leave your ego and insecurities at the door. Essentially, the more you are willing to please your partner, the more your partner will please you.
  5. Hygiene. This may seem self explanatory, but taking care of yourself and your hygiene is the best sex tip anybody can give. Take a shower, brush your teeth, and trim your junk before you plan on doing anything else.
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