5 Secrets Of Body Language

Learning 5 secrets of body language may help you in understanding women. Body language is a term used to describe non-verbal communication that includes gestures, facial expressions and even how the body is physically positioned. While exact movements are impossible to chart for every person, there are some general body language clues that help you read the person's mood or interest. The gestures can't be listed in an exact encyclopedia form with meaning, but the movements can be classified generally. No secret involved. You'll need a few things to get the lowdown on body language, including the following.

  • keen eye
  • attention span
  • catalog of human movement
  • sense of humor


  1. Watch the eyes. One of the five secrets of body language deals with the eyes. The statement "the eyes are a window to the soul" certainly matches with the importance of the eyes to understanding body language. How the eyes focus on the communication are a major clue to interest of the listener. When a woman is not telling the truth in conversation, her eyes look away and sometimes in an upward direction according to folks who study body language in clinical situations. If a woman looks you in the eyes and intently listens, you've hooked her interest. Watch for any sparkle to complete the package. 
  2. Natural body movements. A woman who feels comfortable talking and hanging with you will have natural body movements. Her arms will hang by her side and she'll look at you directly, with her body turned your direction. When she turns to the side or seems stiff, you've turned off the communication channel. When she's interested her body will face your body directly. If she's not that into you, her body will look like she's getting ready to hit the road. It will turn a bit away from your body and she'll look a bit off center like she's on her way off to somewhere else. 
  3. Opening arms. Crossed arms show the woman is closed off to you. She is not receptive to you or the ideas you're presenting. It can also mean she's a little bit unsure of the situation. Crossed arms might mean that she's nervous and unsure that to do with her own arms so that she looks natural. Open arms, especially when facing your direction, mean she's open to your ideas. She's into what you're saying. The arms are one of the biggest clues to a woman's interest in you. 
  4. Movement and mood match. Five secrets of body language include free movement. A woman who walks by your side naturally or falls into your arms while dancing, or during intimate moments is communicating with you on another level. If her movement works well with your own movement, then the communication is on the same level. 
  5. A tilt of the head. Women use their head to communicate. Watch for the tilt of the head. When you're talking and her head tilts to listen, she's focused. If she tilts her head to watch you walk down the street, oh, yeah, she's more than a bit interested. A bopping head while talking indicates she is animated and wants you to enjoy her story. Stay focused and give her your attention and don't look back. Women like good listeners. Lean in toward her a tiny bit and tilt your head just a bit to show interest and you just might have a love match.

The top of the five secrets of body language is responding to her non-verbal clues. Practice makes perfect.

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