5 Seducing Women Tips

With all the competition out there these days, you could really use 5 seducing women tips that will give you a little bit of an edge. When seducing women, you want to be intriguing, but not pushy; Interesting, but not more interesting than her and enticing, but not overbearing. That may seem like a tall order, but with the following tips and a little practice, you can be successfully seducing women in no time.

  1. Present your best self. You may not possess the classic good looks of a movie star or the silver tongue of a bard, but if you put your best self forward, you may be surprised just how many women find you irresistible. It might seem too basic to even mention, but a shower, a shave and a pressed shirt can go a long way when seducing women. Your look might be buttoned down or biker. Either way, the women you want to attract will be most receptive to the advances of a man who bothers to take care of himself.
  2. Be original. Gone are the days when tired old pickup lines swept women off their feet. When seducing women, you have to be original. If you have a good sense of humor, be funny. If you are a more philosophical kind of guy, be deeply thoughtful. In other words, just be yourself. After all, that's the most original you can be!
  3. Compliment her. Tell her how attractive she is. Comment on what a pretty dress she's wearing. Don't stare at her chest. Look in her eyes. Resisting your own hormones for a few moments is a compliment in itself. When seducing women, it is important to notice and compliment those things that matter most to them, not you. If your seduction is successful, there will probably be plenty of time for those other things later.
  4. Ask about her. Part of the art of seduction is showing an interest in her, not trying to show her what a great catch you are. Ask her about herself. When she tells a story or reveals a detail, hang on her every word and ask for more. Whatever you do, don't jump right in with an even better story of your own. Again, if your seduction is successful, there will be plenty of time for your stories later.
  5. Invite her to seduce you. Call it flirting or call it seduction. If you're doing it right and she's interested, chances are she's going to want to do it back. Women love to be temptresses when the mood feels right. If it seems like things are heading in that direction, use subtle body language and eye contact to invite her to seduce you while you continue to seduce her. You never know where it all might lead!



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