5 Semi-Short Hair Style Ideas For Men

A lot of men like a little variety with their hair and would like 5 semi-short hair style ideas for men.  Some of these hair styles just need a little gel, or mouse, and a little combing or brushing of the hair.  These style are for hair ranging from almost to shoulders length and shorter. Or even a little longer if you like the the rugged-hippie look.

  1. One semi-short hair style is to keep the bangs on the longer side. Around the ears is left long and possibly longer then the ears. The back of hair is about the same length, or maybe a little shorter depending on what semi-short hair style a man prefers on himself. Just get it cut on long side, comb or brush it through, and you're set.  It's meant be a sexy short hair style for men.
  2. The short hair style above dresses up when your hair is dampened and combed back.
  3. Get your bangs cut on the long side, but not past your eyes. Cut your hair cut the same length all around the top part of your head. This short hair style idea keeps the lower part of your hair shorter.  This semi-short hair style idea uses a little gel if you desire or just combine through. It depends on your hair type.
  4. If you want more of a hippie semi-short hair style idea let your hair grow to your neck-all one length.  Keep your semi-short hair style freshly washed and ponytail it in the back.
  5. And to go total hippie with your no so semi-short hair style, let your hair get a little longer and style a low ponytail or braid.

This handful of semi-short hair style ideas for men offers a lot of fun and versatility in hair styling. Have fun with it.

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