5 Sensual Massage Tips For Couples

Using these 5 sensual massage tips can bring a couple closer and improve their sex lives. Often considered foreplay, sensual massage relieves stress while arousing the sexual organs. When shared by a couple on a regular basis, it becomes an intimate time to share with each other. As with most couple's activities, not all partners will be interested. If physical limits are present, the activity may be uncomfortable for one or both. Discuss the act before getting your hopes up of achievement of this desire.

  1. Start at the top. Sensual massage for couples involves much more than touching of the genitals. Begin the massage at the beginning of the body, the head. Gently rub each other's temples and move to the back of the head. Gently touch the ears and rub the bottom lobes. Brush across the cheeks and the chin line before moving to the neck region.
  2. The chest region. When performing sensual massage for couples, a factor to remember is that the chest and nipple area is sensitive for males as well as females. Rub the chest just above the breast areas in gentle circular motions and then move lower. A male's nipples are actually one of the erogenous zones for him, so ladies, do not neglect this area. A females breasts are an obvious point to massage.
  3. Move to the back. During a sensual massage for couples, hard pressure to the back muscles may be desired, but gently rubbing and outlining the muscle lines with soft strokes is typically much more arousing. Cover the entire back region during the touching, rubbing and caressing.
  4. Make it mutual. While engaging in sensual massage for couples, the act should be mutual. Either take turns or touch at the same time. Experiment with positions that allow for the massage to take place at the same time. Use a 69 style position to rub legs and face to face to touch chests, faces and necks.
  5. Break out the oil. The addition of a small bit of oil can feel very relaxing during sensual massage for couples. Likewise, rubbing lotion into the skin during the process can relieve dryness and leave the skin feeling soft and moisturized.
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