5 Sex Addict Movies

Interested in 5 sex addict movies? These sex addict movies offer a compelling look into the lives of sex fanatics. While most of these movies are fictional, some of these are based on true-to-life stories and real people.

  1. “I am a Sex Addict”. “I am a Sex Addict” is an autobiographical comedy that examines the life a a recovering sex addict and his constant craving for prostitutes. Although clearly not a big-budget Hollywood release, the film offers an interesting look at one's sexual promiscuity. Staring Caveh Zadehi, this off-beat, diamond in the rough was released in 2005. Currently, it is reportedly still doing well in the video rental scene.
  2. “Choke”. Not to be mistaken with the no-holds-barred documentary of the same name, “Choke” tells of a sex addict who comes up with a complex scam to pay for his mother's mounting hospital bills. This dark, disturbing and sometimes funny movie premiered in 2008 and was rated R for its strong sexual content.
  3. “Diary of a Sex Addict”. A straight to video release, this sex addict themed movie starts Rosana Arquette and the ageless Nastassja Kinski. Although the movie probably has the weakest plot among the movies on this list, “Diary of a Sex Addict” still entertains viewers for the most part of 93 minutes.
  4. “Diary of a Nymphomaniac”. Though the title suggests an x-rated porn flick rather than a serious look at a woman's sexual trysts that eventually leads to her fall into prostitution. The film, which was produced in Spain, premiered in 2008 is available in both Spanish and French dialogue with English subtitles.
  5. “Love Sick: Secrets of a Sex Addict”. This made-for-TV-movie was based on Sue William Silverman's memoir. Produced for the Lifetime Movie Network, the film tells of Silverman's struggles and eventual triumph over her condition. The movie also features Sally Pressman in what could be her best performance to date.



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