5 Sex Fantasy Ideas To Fulfill With Girlfriend

If you’re ready for a more adventurous time in bed, you’ll want to check out these 5 sex fantasy ideas to fulfill with your girlfriend. Convince her to join you in these fantasies, and you’ll both get to play out some of the most popular male and female sexual desires. 

  1. Bondage Being dominated sexually by someone is a common sexual fantasy and a great way to mix things up in the bedroom department. Explore this sex fantasy idea by letting your girlfriend tie you up and put a blindfold over your eyes. Tell her she can do whatever she wants to you. When you’ve exhausted that fantasy, switch roles and tie her up. Make sure she feels comfortable; you might want to come up with a safety word in case someone gets a little carried away.
  2. Forbidden Sex In this sex fantasy, take your girlfriend to a forbidden place that you’d love to have sex at. Whether you fantasize about having sex in a public bathroom, in an elevator or at the beach, make your dreams a reality. Having sex at an off-limits location can give you both an exhilarating rush, and it stands as one of the best sex fantasies to fulfill with your girlfriend.
  3. Role Playing Every couple at some time fantasizes about having sex with a celebrity or an attractive person. Make this fantasy idea come true by taking on different roles with your girlfriend. You could pretend to be a particular celebrity or try out a sexy scenario. Your girlfriend can play a schoolgirl or cheerleader for a fun, naughty “school” session. You also can go the other way and have her dress as a dominatrix and subdue you. Make sure to dress up in outfits that match your fantasy idea.
  4. Private Lap Dance Get a striptease that promises to go all the way by playing out this sex fantasy idea with your girlfriend. She can start by wearing racy lingerie under a skirt and top and then slowly get undressed while giving you a striptease performance to your favorite sexy music. After she has undressed and the lap dance is over, you can have hot sex without paying a dime. 
  5. Threesome This tops every guy’s list of number one fantasies. Make it a fantasy no longer and fulfill this idea with your girlfriend. Let her help pick the girl and make it someone you both don’t know well (none of your girlfriend’s best friends unless you’re willing to completely wreck your relationship). Pick someone semi-anonymous that you both find attractive and go for it!
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