5 Sex Games For Adults

Spice things up in the bedroom with these 5 sex games for adults. Instead of dinner and a movie, opt for a wild night in to turn up the heat and have fun with your partner.

  1. Sex Dice. Buy a pair of sex dice from an adult store. The dice will have an action and a body part. When you roll the dice, whatever the action is, that is what you will have to do to the body part that the other dice lands on. For example, if the dice lands on "Lick" and "Stomach," you will have to lick your partner's stomach. Play this game until the both of you are turned on enough to forget about the dice.
  2. Naughty Poker. We've all heard of Strip Poker, but take the game one step further by betting on dirty acts and sexual favors. Start the winning prize off light, like a striptease or getting kissed from head to toe. As the game continues, the winner may decide to either give or receive even naughtier sexual favors. Certain winning hands may also have specific sex acts assigned to them. For example, a Royal Flush may earn the player sex in whatever position they desire, such as doggy style or cowgirl. Four of a kind may be assigned sex in a certain place or role playing. Or if you wish, you may bet on sexy things, such as "I see your striptease, and I raise you by oral sex in the back yard." The beauty of this game is to let your imagination run wild.
  3. Horny Hide and Seek. Take this childhood favorite to a new level. Play the game as you would regularly, only whoever gets caught has to do something naughty to the seeker, each ranging from foreplay to sex. The first time the "hider" gets caught, they have to have a heavy make-out session with the "seeker." The second time the "hider" gets caught, they have to kiss, fondle and tease the "seeker's" erogenous zones. The third time the "hider" gets caught, they owe the "seeker" oral sex, or any sexual favor they want. The fourth time the "hider" gets caught, they owe the "seeker" sex, any way they like it.
  4. Teasing Ticker. All you need is a timer. Set it for a certain time interval, whether its ten or fifty minutes, and start fooling around. The catch is that you and your partner cannot start having sex until the timer goes off. This will allow the both of you to spend more time on each other and build the anticipation of sex.
  5. The Sexy Alphabet. On 26 scrap pieces of paper, write down each letter of the alphabet and assign something naughty to it and place in a hat. Every day, pick a letter from the hat and whatever letter you chose, you and your partner will have to do what the letter represents.
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