5 Sex Games For Married Couples

Try these 5 sex games for married couples to keep your sex life from getting stale. Some great way to keep a relationship fresh is to do new things together and keep things fresh on the intimate side of the relationship. When couples are happy with their sex life, they tend to get along much better in other areas of the relationship.

  1. “XXXopoly” This game is similar to “Monopoly” but it has an adult theme. Players are required to perform certain activities after landing on a property.
  2. "Sexdrive" An adult sex game for married couples that tests each partner's sexual know-how. This is a board game that uses the players' hands-on skill to act out his or her sexual knowledge.
  3. "Wild Sex Dice Game" One of the greatest sex games for married couples. Each of the six die has a term on it, such as Sex, Orgasm and Naked. You score points by rolling the dice and can score even more when you get lots of Sex or by rolling multiple Orgasms.
  4. "Sex is Fun" This is a very popular get-to-know-your-partner sex game that has questions and challenges that can lead to crazy and kinky sex. Many people feel that this is the best sex game available.
  5. "Just4Play" This name is a spin on foreplay. This is an interactive DVD that contains a sex game for couples, which requires the players to answer questions and perform challenges. The players may be challenged to remove some of his or her own clothing or to remove an article of clothing from the other player. The questions are generated randomly to keep the game fresh.
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