5 Sex Games To Play At Home

What couple can't use 5 sex games to play at home? Sex games can help you and your partner explore new techniques and keep your play in the bedroom fresh and interesting. Remember, sex is supposed to be fun! Try out these five sex games to increase the sizzle in your love life:

  1. Strip Monopoly. Most of the rules are the same. However, instead of paying in cash when you land on your opponent's properties, you pay in clothing instead. Once you're naked, the stakes are raised to sex acts. How much sexual attention do you think it'll cost to land on Boardwalk with a hotel?
  2. The Feather or the Ice Cube. Gather several items that will give a range of stimulation. Some good ones include feathers, bits of silk, rough items like boars hair hairbrushes, ice and vibrators.  Blindfold your partner and have her lie back on the bed. Grab items one by one and use them on her body. Switch from the teasing friction of a hair brush to the soft brush of a feather. Keeping her guessing will drive her crazy with desire.
  3. Naked Twister. It's a cliche for a reason! This is one of the classic sex games to play at home with your lady friend. The game's contortions will have the two of you entangled around each other in some very revealing positions. No one knows how to determine the winner of the game, since most never get finished.
  4. Time Out. Get an egg timer, and set it for at least 15 minutes. For that period of time, you are allowed to do anything to one another that doesn't involve penetration or any other direct contact with the naughty bits. If the two of you have forgotten about the benefits of a solid make-out session, this sex game is for you.
  5. Can't Touch That. Get naked, and get real close. Brush your fingers and lips near, but not on, your partner's skin. Take turns teasing each other like this, until one of you finally gives in and grabs the other.
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