5 Sex Games To Play Online

If you’re feeling a little horny and want to have some easy digital fun, check out these 5 sex games to play online. These games are really easy to access. Some of them may need a few seconds to load while others may require that you install a flash player, but either way, you won’t have to wait long to be satisfied.

  1. Scary Halloween. In this game, you play a sexy naked girl that needs to escape from monsters with the help of your super red high heels. To play this game, you only need to use the directional buttons (up, down, left, and right) to make your way through the dangerous path. You won’t be alone-there are also ghosts, vampires, scary pumpkins, and skeletons who want to satisfy their sexual hunger by devouring you.
  2. Sleeping Beauty. This game is a potential fantasy come true. Your job is to undress a cute girl who has fallen asleep from studying too much. To do so, you’ll be clicking on different parts of her body. The catch is that you need to click at the correct time that the speedometer tells you to. In failing to do so, the girl will suddenly wake up and a pig will shoot a missile to scoot you out of her room. Upon successfully undressing the girl and passing a level, you’re taken to the next stage where another girl is asleep and waiting for you.
  3. Bayonetta Dress Up. If you’ve played the famous Bayonetta game before, then you’ll surely enjoy this mini version of it. You’ll be dressing Bayonetta up with sexy outfits according to her profile. She could be a naughty nurse, an innocent swimmer, a wild lover, or a burlesque woman. During the game, you’ll also be treated to some pleasant music tracks.
  4. The Twilight Zone. This game is set up like the “The Twilight Zone” television series, mysteriously dropping clues to the player regarding what to do and what to expect in the next scene. You play a horny guy that receives a call from a sexy girl. You’ll have to decide whether you call her back or not. Any decision you make affects the plot so think twice in order to maximize the sex scenario.
  5. Miami Holidays. If you like interactive games, you’ll want to play this one. Like “The Twilight Zone,” any decision you make during this game has a hot consequence. Your mission is to get to know and date a beautiful girl then give her the right input so that she grants you fantastic sex. Be careful not to be too hasty because she could dump you for acting like a disrespectful pig like in any other real-life date.
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