5 Sex Games To Play With Your Girlfriend

If you want to spice up your sex life, you must know these 5 sex games to play with your girlfriend. The great news is these games don’t cost you a dime for fun and excitement. Regardless of how much you guys will like these games or not, it never really hurts to try them out. The following list will briefly explain five sex games to play with your girlfriend.

  1. Fantasy role-play The first sex game to play with your girlfriend is fantasy role-play. Toss a coin. Whoever gets heads will get to pick his or her role. Let’s say your girlfriend gets heads. She wants to dress up like a nurse and you will be the patient. Both of you will act accordingly and just let things happen. 
  2. Edible underwear The second sex game to play with your girlfriend is to put on edible underwear. Each of you will cover the private parts with food. For example, instead of wearing real underwear, put on one  made of whipped cream. Your girlfriend will do the same thing. Both of you will take turns licking off the whipped cream prior to having sex.
  3. Tickle each other The third sex game to play with your girlfriend is to tickle each other. You might think this is impossible since both of you can tolerate tickles; however, the game is on when either of one of you can spot the most sensitive spot for tickles. Whoever laughs and giggles will lose and he or she must take off one piece of clothing every time. At the end, the one who is in the birthday suit will be the sex slave.
  4. Random sex acts The fourth sex game to play with your girlfriend is to pick a sex act randomly. For example, there are ten sex acts both of you want to play. Write down each sex act on a small piece of paper and fold them up. Throw all the folded papers into a fish bowl. Whoever loses the rock-paper-scissors game must pick a slip of paper from the fish bowl. The loser must perform the sex act he or she picks, no exceptions.
  5. Hide and seek The last sex game to play with your girlfriend is to play hide and seek. The hider will write down one sex act on a piece of paper and hide it. The seeker isn’t obligated to follow the sex act if he or she can find the paper on time. If the seeker wins, he or she will be the hider.
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