5 Sex Games To Play With Your Partner

All couples should have playtime with each other and in this article, here are 5 sex games to play with your partner. A few moments of fun games will lead to fun sex in a matter of minutes.

  1. Strip Hangman. This one of the best sex games to play with your partner. All it involves is a pen, a paper, and your answer. The answer your girlfriend tries to guess should be something sexual and if she fails to answer correctly, she should take one item of clothing off for every answer she misses.
  2. Strip video gaming. Surprise your girlfriend with a night of playing video games. If she is not a video game player, she might oppose to it, but tell her how the game goes. Start her off with a game that is easy, but if she is a gamer, play a game you both enjoy. Select a two-player game to play and if a person loses a mission, take off one article of clothing. The one who ends up naked should do sexual favors for the other, while the champion continues to play the game.
  3. Seven Minutes in Heaven. Normally a game for teenagers, adults can enjoy Seven Minutes in Heaven too. Either you or your girlfriend hide in the closet, with clothes on or partially off and start with heavy kisses. After heavy make out sessions, perform oral sex to keep things hot and steamy in the closet.
  4. Strip Twister. Take the classic Twister game to a completely new level. The objective of the game is to keep your hands and feet on the colors of the board but if you or your girlfriend touches the mat with an elbow, knee, or falls down, the person takes off one piece of clothing. To spice up the strip Twister game, play with a few drinks for a lot of stumbling, falling, and clothes coming off sooner than you thought..
  5. Role-play. I am not talking about the usual role-playing, your girlfriend play as the French housemaid and you are the rich millionaire. Instead of role-playing in the bedroom, do it in public. Meet separate at the same place (a bar) and pretend to be strangers. 'Get to know' one another; pretend you are someone else perhaps a different age, a different profession, and feed off from that. Once you both realize how the sexual attraction is very strong, take your girl to your place and the rest is history.
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