5 Sex Games To Play

When it comes to turning up the heat in the bedroom, these five sex games to play with your lover can get the party started. Sex games are a great way to move into uncharted territory and explore places that you have never been. Sex games are also a great way to add some spice in the bedroom and turn up the heat on an otherwise boring romp in the sack.

  1. Cards. You can purchase a set of adult playing cards at a novelty store or you can simply make your own. On the cards there are usually sexual acts listed. The person who picks up the card must perform or receive what is specified on the card. Some examples are "a five minute blow job," "a two minute massage," or even intercourse. The longer you play the more turned on you become.
  2. Time and Place. To plat the sex game Time and Place you need two die. First you need to number a piece of paper from one to six. Then choose a spot on your body for each of the numbers. Use place such as lips, back, genitals, breasts, or any other erogenous zones. Now roll each die separately. The first die will be the length of time you spend on the area that die number two will reveal.
  3. Role playing. Role playing sex games give you the chance to live out your greatest fantasies within the comfort of your relationship. Role playing games can include doctor/nurse and patient, teacher and student, or simply two strangers that have never met. The roles can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be.
  4. Sexy board games. Add a twist to regular board games. For example, when playing Monopoly, instead of going to jail provide a sexual service to the arresting officer.
  5. The naked chef. This sex game is exactly as it sounds. Cook dinner naked together. Although it's recommended that you wear aprons just in case of a mishap. After dinner is cooked, lose the apron and eat in the nude. Sit beside each other so you can get a little touchy feely or sit across from one another so you can take in the amazing view.   
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