5 Sex In A Jacuzzi Tips

Sex in a jacuzzi sounds great, and with these 5 sex in a jacuzzi tips, your fantasy can become a reality. So, get ready to gear up for a hot time you soon won't forget. Just follow these safe and pleasurable jacuzzi tips.

  1. Water Temperature. If you want good sex  in a jacuzzi, you need to make sure the water is comfortably hot. Too much heat will make you and your lover feel like you're burning, too little will be a cold turnoff. Trust us on this jacuzzi tip.
  2. Foreplay. Great sex usually results from great foreplay. Setting the mood is an important jacuzzi tip to follow. Titillate your lover with some kissing, necking, touching. Let your partner lay against the side of the jacuzzi while you briefly perform some underwater oral sex to get her riled up.
  3. Use Protection And Lube. This is a sex in a jacuzzi tip you'll want to practice. Use protection. Hot water does not kill sperm cells, so avoid that myth. Also be sure to use a silicone lubricant—any water-based ones will wash off. Without lube, the woman runs the risk of vaginal skin burn, and no one wants to have an unpleasant time. Consider this jacuzzi tip to be the golden rule of sex in the water. 
  4. Mix It Up. Try a number of positions. There's the classic hot-tub hug (which is just as good for a jacuzzi) or the "On The Edge" position, where a woman can lie on her back by the edge of the jacuzzi while her man stays in the water and places her legs on top of his shoulders as he does his thing. And let's not forget there's always the classic doggy-style.
  5. Repeat Or Retreat. Our final sex in a jacuzzi tip: if the experience was enjoyable for both parties, go for it again. If it wasn't, at least you can say you tried. Hopefully, though, our jacuzzi tips make for a memorable time in the water.
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