5 Sex Moves Women Love

The 5 sex moves women love can sometimes be a pleasant surprise for him, and other times it can be a little disturbing. Men should not be hesitant to try something sexually new with her on occasion. You never know when one of the 5 sex moves women love may become a permanent part of your sexual adventures.

  1. She wants to alternate roles of being in control. One of the things about exploring the 5 sex moves women love is that you may find out something about her that you never expected to find out. Some women like to be given control in bed, and then they like to have you take charge for a while. This could be something as simple as she determines the sexual positions and then you determine the sexual positions, or it could be elaborate enough to involve handcuffs and other dominatrix equipment. Start out slowly with this by telling her that she should dictate what happens in bed for a while. Once it gets comfortable, see where it takes you.
  2. Give her more oral sex. Guys can be divided on the topic of giving their lady oral sex, but guys all agree that they enjoy receiving oral sex. Women are the same way, they are just not as vocal about it. If you would like to see how much more interested your lady can get with sex, try giving her more oral sex as part of the 5 sex moves women love.
  3. Slow down. Guys are notorious for skipping foreplay and getting right to the main course. Women are famous for loving foreplay and wanting to take things nice and easy. Guys are always surprised at how much more enjoyable sex can be when they slow down and let things take their course. If you can learn to slow down, she will probably show you things you never knew she could do.
  4. Bring in some props. It can be uncomfortable for a guy to use sex toys in the bedroom. Some guys get the feeling that they are trying to compete with the inanimate objects. Guys that have put their egos aside and allowed sex props and toys in the bedroom quickly find out why this is one of the 5 sex moves women love. A woman's sexual imagination is usually far more advanced than a man's. When you give her props to work with, then you could be in for the time of your life.
  5. Talk dirty to her. The problem with talking dirty to your lady during sex is that a guy's perception of acceptable dirty talk is much different than a lady's. The rule to remember is to not call her insulting names, just keep the dirty talk focused on what you are doing and what you would like to do to make it effective.
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