5 Sex Positions For Beginners

You’re about to have your first intimate experience this would be a good time then to learn 5 sex positions for beginners. Keep in mind regardless of the position to remain calm and relaxed throughout the entire process. You’ll find these few basics sexual positions as a jumping off plank to a world of erotic adventures.

  1. Missionary Position.  Allow the lady to lie underneath you. Spread her to legs and then penetrate her with ease then slowly start your thrust. While this is a traditional position you can change it up by having her on top and allow her to pump as you rock back and forth with her. This is the number one top 5 sex position for beginners.
  2. Cowgirl. Another great beginner position. You lay your back and allow the girl to straddle herself on top of you. This gives you a chance to message her breast as she is pumping you. Do help her by moving your hips in sync with her.
  3. 69. This oral sexual pose can be done with one person on top of the other or each mate side by side. This delicate yet erotic arrangement of bodies is an easy beginner’s top five sex position.
  4. Doggie. Have you lady position herself on her knees with her hands out in front of her to support her body. She’s on all fours as it were. You come from behind and slowly penetrate her with care. Remember you’ll go in deep in this position so use caution. Very erotic and one of the most unique beginners sexual position.
  5. The Chair. You sit on a chair and allow the lady to straddle herself on top of you. Allow her to elevate up and down as you caress her back or hold her buttocks. This is a one of the best 5 sex positions for beginners because it’s erotic but not uncomfortable for either partner.

Whatever the position you decide to engage in always made sure your partner is physically comfortable. This is a key to having a good sexual experience together. Also communicate during intercourse so you know if she’s enjoying the ride. Relax, caress and enjoy each other.

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