5 Sex Positions In A Car

Couples looking to spice things up should try one of these 5 sex position in a car. Having sex in the car enables couples to have the thrill of sex in public but allows for the safety of a locked door. To make the sexual encounter more romantic, you can turn the radio on or if the car gives you the option, open the sunroof. If the car has leather seats, you might want to lay a blanket down to keep your skin from sticking.

  1. Backseat doogie-style. This is the basic doogie-style sex position but done in the back seat of a car. She might have to brace herself against the door.
  2. Back seat sitting up missionary.  This sex position involves the woman sitting in the back seat, while her partner is positioned in front of her through the gap in the front seats. Like most sex positions in the car, it can be a little cramped.
  3. Passenger seat spooning. Spooning involves the couple laying down sideways in the reclined passenger seat. If the seat reclines all the way back, this can be a very nice sex position. It does allow for more closeness than other in the car positions.
  4. Passenger seat missionary. Another sex position for the passenger seat, this is great if the seat reclines all the way back. It is no different that doing the missionary sexual position  in bed.
  5. Passenger seat cowgirl. This sexual position involves the passenger seat, but is the woman on top. Depending on the size of the car, the woman might be able to put her feet on the floor, which makes for better leverage. The woman should be careful of her head with this sex position.



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