5 Sex Positions For The Couch

When you just can't make it to the bedroom, try these five best sex positions for the couch. Having sex on the couch is a great way to spice up your sex life when you're used to only having sex in the bedroom. Even when you are not in a rush, having sex on the couch can exciting and fun. Experience unbelievable passion and pleasure when you having sex in one of these five sex positions for the couch.

  1. Woman standing spread eagle. In this sex position for the couch the woman stands on the couch with her legs spread wide apart. The man stands on the floor facing the woman. The man grabs the back of both of the woman thighs and pulls her towards him, so he can enter her.
  2. Woman on top. The man can lay on the couch while the woman straddles him in this sex position for the couch. Another variation of this sex position is for the guy to be sitting up while the woman gets on top of him. To mix things up even more, the girl can ride the guy's penis facing away from him.
  3. Doggie Style. This is a really fun sex position for the couch. The woman gets on her hands and knees while the guy is on his knees entering her from behind. For added stability the woman can hold onto the edge of the couch while she is in this position. To increase a woman's pleasure the guy can reach around and play with the woman's clitoris while having sex with her.
  4. 69. This is the perfect sex position for the couch, because you don't need a wide space to do it. The man lies on the couch and the woman gets on top him with her vagina in his face and her mouth on his penis. Some people like to do this sex position for the couch with the man on the top and the woman on the bottom.
  5. Missionary. There are so many variations to the missionary position that it definitely tops the list of best sex positions for the couch. To make the missionary position more intense on the couch, the woman can lock her legs around the guy's back, so he enter her deeply. For even more variety the guy can hold one of the women's legs on his shoulder while they are having sex in this position.
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