5 Sex Positions With Handcuffs

If you're looking to turn up the fire under your sex life a bit, start investigating these 5 sex positions with handcuffs. Playing a Deputy arresting a whore can be quite the sex scene, but it won't work if you don't have those handcuffs. Getting down and dirty and exploring sex positions with handcuffs will make you the kind of lover a sexy girl dreams of, particularly if she's a submissive lover.

  1. Who doesn't love some good staircase sex? One of the best sex positions with handcuffs is to apply the cuffs to her wrists and then stand her up next to a staircase (preferably carpeted) with a railing. Any kind of railing will work as long as the cuff will fit around it, but wrought iron is best as it's the strongest. Cuff her hands to the iron railing and tease her about how you're going to take her. Once she's good and ready, have her kneel on the step and enter her from behind.
  2. Want to do it with a really flexible girl and two sets of handcuffs? Have her lie on her side and cuff her left wrist to her left ankle and right wrist to right ankle. She'll be virtually immobile in this flexed position. Entering her from the side may be the most fun either of you will ever have. Beware though: even the most flexible partner may need a break from this position after ten minutes.
  3. Another great sex position with handcuffs is to have your girl stand by a door with her hands behind her back. Cuff each wrist to the door knob. Place one of her legs on your waist and tease her with your pulsing manhood. For a variation, cuff her so that she's facing the door and enter her from behind.
  4. You'll need a flexible girl again for this great sex position. Have her stand with her back to you and bend over so that her arms are dangling. Cuff her wrists to her ankles. This position may give you the best doggie experience you've ever had and is the most comfortable way to have sex while standing up.
  5. For a great sex position with handcuffs and for clean and tingly sex, turn the shower on full spray and handcuff your girl to a towel bar in the shower. The added benefit of this position is that not only is she prone in front of you but, if you have a massaging shower head, you can drive her nuts. Experiment with different water streams directed on her. She'll love you forever.
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