5 Sex Positions For Overweight Women

If you’re with an overweight woman, you’re going to wonder about the top 5 sex positions for overweight women. Try these positions out to see if they work for you. You will soon discover your favorite among them. You may question some of these positions, but with care you should be able to pull them off without any injury.

  1.  Woman-on-Top: A fabulous sex position for any couple really. You just need to make sure that she doesn’t lean too far forward and add additional weight onto your body. This also works as one of the top sex positions for overweight men!
  2. Reverse Woman-on-top: Much like the above position, but with a wonderful twist that can allow deeper penetration. The woman will be on top still but will be facing away from the man and straddling him. The biggest problem you may have is the need for crouching that can become bothersome after a while.
  3. Rear Entry: Many men will love the fact that they have a hefty woman in the bedroom when it comes to this position. This position is both exciting and results in deep penetration. It’s thrilling both partners and may even be a great way to hit that G-spot. Have your girl kneeling over the bed or some other furniture and enter her from behind!
  4. X Position: Here the woman is going to lie on her back and have the knees bent up to her hips, thighs will be spread out as much as possible. After a guy inserts his penis the woman will need to bring her legs together, the man will swing around so that they are at a 45 degree angle.  A bit more of a difficult position the first time around, but still a great sex positions for overweight women.
  5. Oral Sex. Perhaps you just don’t feel like having full out sex, why not have some oral sex instead.  It is just as exciting for both people. In fact the 69 position will work well even when having sex with overweight girls. Just have the guy on top of the girl and make sure that both of you can perform the oral sex that is needed for fun!

At times you will just need to be patient in order to find the best position for you as a couple. But with time and patience, you can find your favorite sex positions!

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