5 Sex Positions That Won’t Aggravate Arthritis

If you have recently been diagnosed with arthritis, check out these 5 sex positions that won't aggravate arthritis so you can keep your passion alive despite the pain. Remember that the most important part of having sex with arthritis is to feel comfortable and open with your partner so you can talk about what does and doesn’t work. Approach it not as something that you are being forced to do but as a new experiment. While many of the positions you enjoyed before you had arthritis may no longer be pleasurable, with a little creativity you can find ways to make love to your partner without causing you any pain or exasperating your condition.

  1. Side by side. One of the most intimate positions, having sex lying side by side with your partner, legs intertwined, requires very little strength from either partner. Because of this, it’s ideal for those with arthritis. This position can be a little tricky to get into, though, and might take a little practice to perfect.
  2. Woman on top. Arthritic pain can be especially crimping to a man’s style if he is used to being on top during intercourse. If you have pain in your back and shoulders, inviting your woman on top of you, instead, can be particularly helpful. Being on the bottom, your back and shoulders can rest. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner to carry her weight on her bent knees if her resting herself on your hips is painful.
  3. Woman on top, reversed. Commonly known as the reverse cowgirl, you can make your sex more exciting by having your partner swivel on top of you until she has your back towards you.
  4. Using the furniture. If your main concern in having sex with arthritis is being able to hold yourself above your partner, experiment with having your partner sit on a counter or desk so you can enter her while standing in a straight, natural position.
  5. Bending over. You can also have your partner bend over furniture to give you access from behind while you maintain your straight posture.
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